You are reading: Year in review: the most popular content of 2023

Year in review: the most popular content of 2023

There may have been low disease levels across the country, but this didn't stop us writing/recording about it! Find out what was our most popular content released to the grains industry in 2023. Dec 19, 2023 Read Time: 4 minutes

“We’ve just got to ride this year out…”
“We’ve just had wet-dry-wet-dry….”
“We’ve had one of the best fungicides available – dry weather.”
“Most will be happy with an average result.”

2023, not great, but okay. This seems to be how most felt about the season, with all four of the above phrases attributed to agronomists from different states when asked to describe 2023.

However, the low disease levels didn’t stop us writing/recording about what happened across Australia! Nor did it stop us from sharing our discoveries from the CCDM team of researchers. As we all know, high disease levels will come again, and it’s always good to be ready for when it does – that’s right disease, we’re watching you…

So what was the most popular?

Our top 3 most-read CCDM Spotlight Articles were:

Our top 3 most-listened to podcasts were:

Our top 3 most-watched videos were:

Our top 3 most-clicked-on science publications were:

  • Derbyshire, M.C., Raffaele, S., (2023). “Surface frustration re-patterning underlies the structural landscape and evolvability of fungal orphan candidate effectors” Nature Communications. DOI:
    In this paper CCDM researchers have used Artificial Intelligence to explain how fungal pathogens such as those that cause grey mould and sclerotinia stem rot can continuously and successfully infect plants. Prefer the media release summary? Click here.
  • Olita, H. T., Sung, B., Hooper, B., Cao, Z., Lopez-Ruiz, F., & Gibberd, M. (2023) “The socio-economic impact of fungicide resistance in West Australia’s Wheatbelt.” Advances in Agronomy. DOI:
    In this paper, results from a survey have revealed that growers are concerned about the threat of fungicide resistance and the economic impact it will have on their properties.
  • van den Bosch, F., Zerihun, A., Poole, N., Thomas, G., & Lopez-Ruiz, F. J. (2023). “Adjusting fungicide treatment programmes when resistance is developing: The case of spot-form net-blotch in Western Australia.” Plant Pathology. DOI:
    In this paper, CCDM researchers offer an experiment-and-modelling-based guide to help growers adjust their fungicide treatment programmes when resistance is developing.

Thanks for reading, watching and listening to our material in 2023, and get ready for more interesting releases in 2024! If you have a friend or a colleague who may be interested in our work, please get them to sign up at the bottom of our website so they don’t miss out:

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