What We Do

We’re identifying new cases of fungicide resistance We’ve discovered most cases of fungicide resistance in a number of crop diseases across Australia, including the first worldwide discovery of a new dual form of resistance in barley net form net blotch (NFNB).
We’re providing best-practice management advice to growers and industry We continue to provide non-chemical and chemical management advice through the development of integrated disease management strategies.
We’re speeding up detection We're working on a suite of high throughput technologies for faster lab-based and in-field detection and quantification of fungicide resistance.

Our Current Projects

Fungicide resistance detection and underlying mechanisms

Detailed information on fungicide resistance distribution, molecular mechanisms underlying resistance and timely reports on new resistance cases.
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Modelling framework for optimising deployment of fungicides for management of resistance

Fungicide resistance models to explore new areas of resistance management to develop practical guidance for Australian cereal crops.
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Management of barley diseases under threat of fungicide resistance

Management strategies for barley diseases at threat of fungicide resistance.
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Improved approaches for rapid de novo fungicide resistance and disease diagnostics

Improved technology for detection and monitoring of fungicide resistance in diseases of grain crops.
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