What We Do

We’re identifying new cases of fungicide resistance We’ve discovered most cases of fungicide resistance in a number of crop diseases across Australia, including the first worldwide discovery of a new dual form of resistance in barley net form net blotch (NFNB).
We’re providing best-practice management advice to growers and industry We continue to provide non-chemical and chemical management advice through the development of integrated disease management strategies.
We’re speeding up detection We're working on a suite of high throughput technologies for faster lab-based and in-field detection and quantification of fungicide resistance.

Our Current Projects

Fungicide resistance characterisation and monitoring

Producing better, faster, and more affordable methods of monitoring fungicide resistance and development of new ways to characterise and assess potential genes involved in fungi acting as inhibition targets.
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Coupled-experiment-modelling approach

Developing the capacity to predict the impact of disease on crop production, to advise the optimal adjustment time of treatment programmes in line with the increase of fungicide resistant pathogens.
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Improving fungicide resistance detection from field samples

Adapt the latest sequencing technologies to discover, detect and monitor genetic changes associated with fungicide resistance in economically important crop pathogens.
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