What We Do

We’re identifying new sources of durable genetic barley powdery mildew resistance.

By screening exotic barley landraces our researchers have identified unique and durable resistance genes to barley powdery mildew. This discovery is now available for breeding companies to breed disease resistant varieties.

We’re investigating and developing solutions to barley net blotch

We’re making solid discoveries for net blotch resistance in exotic germplasm, with genome assemblies helping us to better understand virulence changes in the pathogen populations and fungicide resistance mechanisms.

We’re improving genetic solutions to controlling damaging wheat pathogens

We’re collaborating globally to identify genetic markers linked to wheat disease resistance and have already discovered a ‘master gene’ that positively regulates some important disease mechanisms (effectors) in wheat pathogens.

Our Current Projects

Septoria nodorum blotch (SNB)

Identify novel fungal effectors, wheat DNA and protein markers to deliver better pre-breeding solutions to enhance SNB resistance in wheat.
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Yellow spot of wheat

Provide wheat breeders with new knowledge and tools to deliver more resistant varieties and significantly reduce grower costs through improvement in disease resistant varieties.
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Barley net blotches

Explores disease resistance in exotic barley varieties to inform resistance gene selection and provide breeders with knowledge and tools to improve variety performance for growers.
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