How We Are Making A Difference

Genetic tools for improving varieties

We’re developing multiple genetic tools that can be passed on to breeders to improve disease resistance in wheat, barley, canola and pulses. Our research has saved industry hundreds of millions of dollars in improved yield and reduced need for fungicides.

Fungicide resistance monitoring

We’re identifying cases of fungicide resistance and developing resistance management advice tailored for different regions, to help preserve current and new active ingredients.

Economically-driven solutions

We’re modelling field data to help develop guidance to growers on how and when to adjust their fungicide treatments once they know fungicide resistance is there.

New horizons from new technology

We’re leveraging opportunities to create new emerging areas of research. For example we've partnered with ANTSO and used the Synchrotron XFM facility to develop new horizons of understanding and detecting early disease infection.

Biometrics and data analytics support

We’re providing statistical and data analytics support to many industry research projects, ensuring research results are rigorous and can make a difference in improving profitability for grain growers.

Spatial data analytics

We're bringing high resolution data layers into map format with a focus on decisions to improving profitability at the sub-paddock scale helping growers to achieve higher returns from inputs and to manage risk.

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