How We Are Making A Difference

Identifying cases of fungicide resistance

We identified the first known global case of dual resistance in barley disease net form net blotch, and through nationwide collaboration have rapidly enabled growers to adjust management strategies.

Genetic tools for wheat breeders

We found a ‘master gene’ that regulates some important disease mechanisms (effectors) in common wheat pathogens, helping breeders breed disease resistant wheat.

Durable resistance to barley powdery mildew

We discovered a set of resistance genes from exotic barley lines and landraces that breeders can use to develop stable, long lasting resistance to powdery mildew in barley.

Management strategies for Sclerotinia stem rot

We’ve shown that Sclerotinia stem rot has adapted to Australian conditions, and that mapping Australian environmental triggers can lead to better prediction of outbreaks in canola.

Rapid ways for diagnosing resistance

Through the development of new and emerging technologies, we’ve begun to address an industry need for early and rapid detection of fungicide resistance.

Speeding up chickpea resistance discoveries

We developed a robust and rapid method to determine ascochyta blight resistance in chickpeas at the seedling stage, speeding up the resistance breeding process from months to weeks.

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