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Derbyshire M. C. and Raffaele S. (2023) "Till death do us pair: Co-evolution of plant–necrotroph interactions" Current Opinion in Plant Biology. DOI:

Newman T. E., Jacques S., Grime C., Mobegi F. M., Kamphuis F. L., Khentry Y., Lee R. C. and Kamphuis L. G. (2023) "Genetic dissection of domestication traits in interspecific chickpea populations" The Plant Genome. DOI:

Regmi, R., Newman, T.E., Khentry, Y., Kamphuis, L.G., Derbyshire, M.C. (2023). "Genome-wide identification of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum small RNAs and their endogenous targets" BMC Genomics. DOI:

Rozano, L., Hane, J.K., Mancera, R.L (2023). "The Molecular Docking of MAX Fungal Effectors with Plant HMA Domain-Binding Proteins." International Journal of Molecular Sciences. DOI:

Hafez M, Gourlie R, McDonald M, Telfer M, Carmona M, Sautua F, Moffat C, Moolhuijzen P, See PT, Aboukhaddour R. (2023) "Evolution of the ToxB gene in Pyrenophora tritici-repentis and related species" Mol Plant Microbe Interact. DOI:

Talapov T, Gunes N, Bagriyanik Z, Demirel O, Dedecan O, Uygun AE, Akvec O, Kahraman A, Kamphuis LG and Can C. (2023) "First report of Ascochyta rabiei infections on endemic Turkish populations of Cicer bijugum and C. turcicum" Plant Disease. DOI:

Ranawaka, B., An, J., Lorenc, M.T., Jung, H., Sulli, M., Aprea, G., Roden, S., Llaca, V., Hayashi, S., Asadyar, L., LeBlanc, Z., Ahmed, Z., Naim, F., Bolzan de Campos, S., Cooper, T., de Felippes, F.F., Dong, P., Zhong, S., Garcia-Carpintero, V., Orzaez, D., Dudley, K.J., Bombarely, A., Bally, J., Winefield, C., Giuliano, G., Waterhouse, P.M. (2023) "A multi-omic Nicotiana benthamiana resource for fundamental research and biotechnology." Nature Plants. DOI:

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