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Stefanova, K.T., Brown, J., Grose, A., Cao, Z., Chen, K., Gibberd, M. and Rakshit, S., (2023). "Statistical analysis of comparative experiments based on large strip on-farm trials. " Field Crops Research. DOI:

Moolhuijzen, P., Sanglard, L. M. V. P., Paterson, D. J., Gray, S., Khambatta, K., Hackett, M. J., Zerihun, A., Gibberd, M. R., & Naim, F. (2023). "Spatiotemporal patterns of wheat response to Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in asymptomatic regions revealed by transcriptomic and X-ray fluorescence microscopy analyses" Journal of Experimental Botany. DOI:

Derbyshire, M. C., Marsh, J., Tirnaz, S., Nguyen, H. T., Batley, J., Bayer, P. E., & Edwards, D. (2023). "Diversity of fatty acid biosynthesis genes across the soybean pangenome." The Plant Genome DOI:

Olita, H. T., Sung, B., Hooper, B., Cao, Z., Lopez-Ruiz, F., & Gibberd, M. (2023) "The socio-economic impact of fungicide resistance in West Australia's Wheatbelt." Advances in Agronomy. DOI:

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