Xuan Hoan Dinh

Research Fellow

Hoan joined CCDM from September 2023 as a research fellow and he is working on the genetics of resistance to net blotch pathogens in barley. His background is in barley genetics, with emphasis on the understanding of genes controlling natural variation for disease resistance. In 2007-2015, Hoan worked at the Plant Protection Research Institute (Vietnam) and his main projects focused on the resistance to rust pathogen on soybean. In 2016-2020, He worked on the resistance to leaf rust disease in barley formed the basis of his PhD dissertation at the University of Sydney. His main project on isolating the barley leaf rust resistance gene Rph3 resulted in a publication in Nature Communications. In 2022-2023, He joined the Japan International Research Centre for Agricultural Sciences as a research fellow and worked on the genetics of grain yield in soybean. He is particularly interested in the molecular interactions between host and pathogen, crop evolution and adaptation. His skills and experiences are mainly from participation in various research themes related to both quantitative and qualitative traits: rust resistance in soybean, leaf rust resistance in barley, and grain yield in soybean.

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