Toto Olita

Research Fellow

Toto is CCDM’s Economics Foundation Project theme leader with training in Actuarial Science and Environmental Economics. Her role involves the use of financial and risk analysis to improve the return on investments in crop protection at farm and industry scales. She completed her PhD at the University of Western Australia. Her work was part of an Australian Research Council funded project, “Designing for Uncertainty in Conservation Auctions” (Project Number DP150104219), which focussed on the design of environmental policy tools under risky situations.

Toto has previously worked in different institutions in various capacities. She has been able to apply rigorous mathematical and statistical modelling concepts to quantify risk in sectors such as agriculture, insurance and mining. Toto considers herself a global citizen and aims to use her skills, experience and passion to empower communities to utilise the available resources in the most efficient and innovative way to ensure sustainable outcomes.

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