Pippa Michael

Research Fellow

Dr Pippa Michael has conducted pest management research in Western Australian farming systems since 2003, focusing initially on weed ecology and management before moving to plant pathology in 2016. She has been involved with several successful industry-funded projects in collaboration with CSIRO, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative and UWA, both as a project leader and team member.

Currently she is a Research Fellow within the CCDM project “Agronomy and management solutions to sclerotinia stem rot of canola and pulses” which uses field, glasshouse, and laboratory-based research to improve knowledge of the disease, understand triggers for infection and its ecological adaptation in Australia. This project has delivered several notable research outcomes to date such as understanding the germination and conditioning requirements of sclerotia populations in WA and screening canola varieties for sclerotinia stem rot susceptibility.

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