Kristina K. Gagalova

Research Fellow

I am a highly motivated and accomplished Bioinformatics Scientist with a strong academic background and extensive experience in the fields of bioinformatics, biotechnology, and genetics. With a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and master’s degrees in bioinformatics and biotechnology, my journey in the world of science has been one of continuous learning, discovery, and collaboration.
Throughout my Ph.D. journey, I was privileged to delve into the most complex plant genomes. My research revolved around the exploration of the genome space of conifers, with a primary focus on gene families and genome evolution. Collaborating extensively with esteemed international genomics consortia, such as the SpruceUp forestry consortium, enabled me to contribute significantly to the annotation of newly assembled genomes. Furthermore, my involvement in the CanSeq150 consortium, dedicated to sequencing and annotating genomes with substantial economic relevance in Canada, further broadened my horizons in the realm of genomics research.
My professional career showcases my commitment to advancing the fields of bioinformatics and genetics. I have held key roles at renowned institutions and companies, including Roche, where I drive data harmonization for oncological research. I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to work closely with startup companies, where I can harness my expertise in R&D and research. My experience at Willow Biosciences was particularly impactful, as I played a crucial role in discovering novel enzymes in non-model organisms. This journey enabled me to actively apply my skills in genomics and bioinformatics data analysis to drive forward several pioneering research projects.
I have a strong affinity for exploring innovative methods and approaching new projects with creative thinking, consistently seeking fresh and unconventional approaches.
I am eager to leverage my Bioinformatics data skills in novel and stimulating research projects at the CCDM, within the field of agriculture and crop bioinformatics. I am enthusiastic about witnessing the practical application of my research in the agriculture sector, where data-driven decisions can have a direct and meaningful impact.

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