Kealan Hassett

PhD Student

I am PhD candidate at Curtin University within the Centre for Crop and Disease Management, studying the barley-net blotch pathosystem. My studies focus on the population genetic structure of the disease internationally, highlighting on the recent migration patterns of the disease and the effects this has had on the rising issues of fungicide resistance in Western Australia. Prior to my PhD I completed an Honours within the CCDM looking at the plant defence expression profile of a susceptible barley-net blotch interaction as well as an undergraduate in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology.

PhD Project Title: Pyrenophora teres: Intercontinental population structure, genetic diversity, and pressures of population substructure.
Supervisors: Dr. Simon Ellwood and Dr. Jordi Muria-Gonzalez

My project focuses on the population structure and genetic diversity of the most economically important pathogen of barley in Australia, net blotch. Aiming to better understand the net blotch pathosystem and understanding the underlying factors of population genetic structure, global migration patterns and current selection pressures.

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