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Isolate Resources of Cereal Pathogens

At CCDM we’ve been monitoring pathogen populations for some time and, as part of our cereal diseases work, we’ve collected a library of fungal isolates from the major grain growing regions of Australia. These fungal isolates cause yellow spot and septoria nodorum blotch in wheat, and spot from net blotch and net form net blotch in barley.  Feb 09, 2023 Read Time: 0 minutes

Due to consistent monitoring of the diseases from all regions of Australia, CCDM’s cereal diseases team have put together a valuable up-to-date resource of fungal isolates available for disease phenotyping in breeding programs against all four diseases.

Cereal pathogen fungal isolates

For any questions, please get in touch with cereals disease researcher Dr Pao Theen See at

Keep an eye out

During growing seasons, if unusual disease outbreaks occur in yellow spot, septoria nodorum blotch, net form or spot form net blotch, particularly on varieties rated as having some resistance, please contact Dr See (

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