Seasonal Update – how did we go in 2023?

The 2023 season is headed to an end. But how did we go across Australia, and what would we have done differently? Presenter: Megan Jones Oct 20, 2023 Listen Time: 25 minutes

The 2023 season is headed to an end. So what could we have done differently in hindsight?

Along with CCDM’s Mark Gibberd, join Megan Jones as she speaks to three advisors to find out the how the season ended up and what they will be recommending for 2024. We'll hear from:

  • Monica Field, Farm and General, Esperance, on the challenges of the 2023 season, with plans to increase diversity in varieties as well as rotation going into 2024.
  • Mick Faulkner, Agrilink Agricultural Consultants, Penwortham, SA, on his review of the season, discussing fungicide timing, and what he thinks will happen going into 2024.
  • Fred Broughton, Rural Management Strategies, Cootamundra, NSW, on how disease has been a minor issue this season, and how managing nutrition and weeds in the summer will be important going into 2024.

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