SDHI Resistance in South Australia

Did you hear about the fungicide resistance discovery in the Yorke Peninsula last year? Net form net blotch (NFNB) of barley was declared fungicide resistant to the SDHI fungicide fluxapyroxad. In this episode, CCDM fungicide resistance researcher Fran Lopez-Ruiz joins Megan Jones as they discuss the situation, talking about why it happened, how to manage it, and how this can be prevented in other Australian regions. Presenter: Megan Jones Dec 01, 2020 Listen Time: 30 minutes

First up they talk to Central Ag Solutions agronomist Sam Holmes who was the first to notice an issue with fungicide control and to alert SARDI. Sam talks about the factors that likely led to the resistance problem, including barley on barley rotation, the same variety grown throughout the region, and early sowing.

Next they talk to Tara Garrard, SARDI cereals pathologist who advises on the best way to manage resistance in the region, by avoiding SDHI fungicides, avoiding the more susceptible varieties, and avoiding a barley on barley rotation.

In the podcast Fran comments further on the fungicide resistance discovery, and why Australian growers are at higher risk of developing resistance, due to the larger paddock sizes, the limited modes of actions that are available and also the tighter rotations of the same variety.

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