Sclerotinia: How to manage a disease that has more than 400 different plant hosts

The Crop Disease Podcast Presenter: Megan Jones Jul 26, 2022 Listen Time: 12 minutes

Canola - what a break crop! It can be so profitable. But no crop is perfect, and canola sure has its problems. One of them being Sclerotinia Stem Rot.

In this podcast Megan Jones talks to CCDM sclerotinia researcher Dr Mark Derbyshire on his latest published research that confirms the pathogen causing sclerotina has the ability to infect more than 400 different plants. Mark talks about why this is not such a bad thing...

Nutrien agronomist Kyran Brooks also features on the show, discussing management of the disease for the coming season in his region - in Great Southern WA, and why this disease is so difficult to manage.

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