Prof Josh Mylne goes seeding with Clint Della Bosca

An update on Clint Della Bosca's seeding program and how Josh Mylne is connecting his research to industry Presenter: Megan Jones May 17, 2022 Listen Time: 11 minutes

Have you ever heard of a lab-based Professor going out to the country and trying his hand at seeding?

To learn more about the end-use of agrochemicals, CCDM’s Deputy Director Josh Mylne has given it a go, currently in the middle of a 12 day stint with farmer Clint Della Bosca out on the eastern fringe of the wheatbelt.

In this podcast, Josh will give a quick run down on his seeding experience so far and how it will help his research in agrochemicals. Clint will also give an update on his seeding program, as well as his plans for the coming season.

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