Managing disease bonanzas and an update of fungicide resistance in Australia

The Crop Disease Podcast Presenter: Megan Jones Nov 14, 2022 Listen Time: 20 minutes

In this episode, CCDM’s Fungicide Resistance expert Fran Lopez Ruiz talks about the big fungicide issues of 2022, and how to manage wheat powdery mildew with so few options available, thanks to fungicide resistance.

Also on the show, Greg Condon from Grassroots Agronomy and WeedSmart talks about the big disease challenges in the NSW and Victorian regions in such a tricky year.

For growers or agronomists wanting more information on how to manage wheat powdery mildew, Fran recommends visiting the AFREN Website:

For tickets and program information for the Crop Protection Forum in Wagga Wagga on 16 November, click here

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