Getting better varieties and management for sclerotinia in canola

What if we told you that you can now get a canola variety with some resistance to sclerotinia stem rot? Well, maybe not right now, but it's certainly possible in the near future.  Presenter: Megan Jones Sep 14, 2023 Listen Time: 21 minutes

At CCDM we've discovered partially resistant germplasm in canola, and in this podcast, CCDM canola disease researchers Dr Mark Derbyshire and Dr Lars Kamphuis will be giving some hope to canola growers battling with sclerotinia.

Also in this episode, AGT CEO Haydn Kuchel will talk about the latest in breeding resistant canola varieties, and DPIRD Research Scientist Ciara Beard will give some advice for managing sclerotinia in the paddock.

As mentioned in the podcast, here is the link for the SclerotiniaCM app.

Also, to watch our researchers explain their discovery in just two minutes on YouTube, click here.

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