Fungicide resistance – when you find out it’s a big problem, what do you do?

In this episode, we've been able to dig a bit deeper into the situation of fungicide resistance in both spot form and net form net blotch in Southern WA, and work out why we are seeing such high levels of resistance to DMI fungicides in this region. Presenter: Megan Jones Dec 04, 2023 Listen Time: 21 minutes

In this episode, CCDM's fungicide resistance expert Fran Lopez-Ruiz joins Megan Jones to explain why there is fungicide resistance in nearly every net blotch sample he receives from Southern WA, and how resistance can take off in seasons that are very conducive to disease, such as it was in 2022.

Farmanco consultant Brent Pritchard also joins the show, sharing his results from the Barley Disease Cohort Project which saw 18 of his clients' barley paddocks assessed for fungicide resistance in both net blotches. Brent shares how the results made him feel and how changes were immediately applied to manage disease going forward.

Fran also gives his take on the recent 2023 season, and his biggest discovery of the year as well as an overview of a new project that will improve the monitoring of fungicide resistance across Australia.

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