Fungicide resistance frequencies

How much blotch until a paddock is blotched? Presenter: Megan Jones Apr 14, 2022 Listen Time: 15 minutes

Here at the Centre for Crop and Disease Management, we’ve been pretty good at identifying cases of fungicides resistance, and letting farmers know if they have it in the paddock.

As good as this is, we’ve only been able to say if the resistant pathogen is present or absent, and not able to tell them how much is there, and what strategy will have the biggest impact in managing it... But we’re getting closer!

In this podcast episode, CCDM researcher Noel Knight discusses his project into fungicide resistance frequencies, where he has been studying 20 barley paddocks in the WA wheatbelt, and has determined the exact percentage of fungicide resistant net blotch pathogens.

Kellerberrin and Cunderdin agronomist Dan Taylor from DKT Rural Agencies also joins the show to give his perspective on the research and how this information could help growers improve their fungicide management strategies.

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