Explaining the science behind barley resistance and a breeding company update

The Crop Disease Podcast Presenter: Megan Jones Feb 28, 2023 Listen Time: 12 minutes

Variety resistance is often the first tool used by a grower to keep disease under control.

But the science in this space needs to move with the changing pathogens, which are constantly mutating and getting around the crop’s defence system and, before long, we’re looking for the next more resistant crop to come from a breeding program.

In this episode, hear from CCDM's barley disease researcher Simon Ellwood as he discusses the latest research in developing disease resistant barley, focusing on net form and spot form net blotch.

Also, Tress Walmsley, CEO of Intergrain, talks about what they're focusing on to improve crop varieties for growers.

If you have disease (either of the net blotches) on your barley crop that show unusually high virulence, Simon Ellwood would love a sample! Contact CCDM for a sampling kit at ccdm@curtin.edu.au

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