Managing net blotch of barley: perspectives from two growers

Net blotch – both spot form and net form net blotch – are 2 very common barley diseases in Australia. However, in WA’s South, not only are they common, but they have also been classified as fungicide resistant to some of the Group 3 fungicides. In this episode, CCDM Director Mark Gibberd teams up with host Megan Jones as they talk to two growers from this region who are taking control of net blotch on their properties. Presenter: Megan Jones Sep 01, 2020 Listen Time: 28 minutes

Scott Smith, a grower from the Albany Port Zone, says he was one of the first to have an identified case of fungicide resistant spot form net blotch on his property. Since this discovery, Scott now manages net blotch disease by using resistant varieties, rotating his crops where possible, and alternating the modes of actions within his fungicide application strategy.

Con Murphy is a grower from the Esperance Port Zone, who has also made similar changes to managing net blotch. One such change was going from a one fungicide to a three fungicide program within the past couple of years, to help ensure fungicides continue to control net blotch on his property for many years to come.

As well as discussing the importance of their strategies, Mark also talks about a new CCDM project – the Barley Disease Cohort Project – that will help find regionally relevant solutions for growers in the South end of the WA Wheatbelt to better manage fungicide resistant net blotch.

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