Benefits for Growers, Agronomists, Breeders, Life Science Companies and Researchers

Foliar fungal pathogens remain a major threat to crop production across Australia, with CCDM researchers estimating production losses at somewhere between $920 million to $1 billion per annum.

With co-investment by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Curtin University since 2014, CCDM continues to tackle major fungal pathogens and respond to industry needs to ensure a future of improved crops and more sustainable and integrated disease management.

Five ways our research benefits the Australian Grains Industry:

  1. Increasing return on investment for growers through modelling and economically-informed management strategies.
  2. Improving disease resistance of crop varieties through discoveries of improved germplasm.
  3. Helping growers manage fungicide resistance and preserve current and new active ingredients.
  4. Developing new tools to study host resistance and pathogen virulence.
  5. Delivering outcomes to breeders to develop high-yielding, disease-resistant crop varieties.

Our Objectives

Enduring profitability for industry

We aim to create enduring profitability to the Australian Grains Industry by the delivery of adoptable innovative research outputs.

Improving capacity for industry

We aim to deliver human capacity with relevant skills to meet the requirements of the partners.

Co-innovating with industry

We’re developing and supporting a co-innovation model with key industry participants and collaborators to build and sustain relevant research capability and deliver impact.

Collaborate With Us

At CCDM, we have more than 70 staff with the capacity to work on many crops, many diseases and in many research areas including crop breeding, fungicide resistance, economics and crop management.
Our $46 million state-of-the-art laboratories and plant growth facilities in Perth allow us to be well placed to collaborate with partners.

Our research has industry impact and offers enduring profitability to the Australian Grains Industry as we co-innovate with partners to deliver adoptable research outputs.

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